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Foster City Pro Wash Car Detailing Services

Car Detailing Services

Life gets too crazy to clean up the big stuff… or even the small stuff. That’s where we come in. Let us take care of the details!

It’s the little details that make up life’s greatest moments. With Foster City Detailing, every inch of your car shines like new, allowing your car to become the vehicle to create the most memorable experiences.

Our Services

Exterior Detailing*


Starting From

  • Wash body exterior

  • Clean wheel rims

  • Remove bugs & tree sap

  • Clean door jambs

  • Clean trunk jambs

  • Clean hood jambs

  • Clay Bar-polish body

  • Hand wax exterior

  • Clean Windows

  • Polish 

Full Detailing*


Starting From

Interior Detailing


Exterior Detailing

Interior Detailing*


Starting From

  • Steam clean seats [Fabric/leather]

  • Steam clean carpet

  • Steam clean mats

  • Steam clean door panels

  • Steam clean dashboard

  • Steam clean headliner

  • Steam clean air vents

  • Clean door jambs

  • Interior sanitize

  • Remove pet hair

  • Interior Dressing

*SUVs, Vans, and Trucks have an extra charge by estimate.

Steam Sanitizing $129.99


Due to COVID-19, we need to do our best to protect our health and the health of our family members. Our COVID-19 disinfecting steam sanitization service will reduce the viral and bacterial contaminants that get trapped in your vehicle.

Headlight Restoration $45/each


Headlight lenses oxidize over time especially with exposure to sunlight. This decreases the amount of light output and could be dangerous if not treated. Our team is here to refinish your aged headlight lenses to look brand new and work at 100%. We guarantee our work for one year and will refinish fogged headlights for free.

Scratch Removal


A superficial scratch can both decrease the value of your vehicle and can be a headache to look at every day. Our scratch removal service will buff out superficial scratches, making you feel amazing because your vehicle looks great again. Please ask for an estimate.

You're Gonna Feel Amazing

We offer professional detailing services to spruce up your car and make it look and feel like new again. All our equipment is designed for car detailing and allows us to provide the best service possible.

When you choose Foster City Detailing for all your car cleaning services, we guarantee your car will look and feel amazing. 

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