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Foster City Pro Wash

About Us

At Foster City Pro Wash, we are passionate about clean cars, and we mean CLEAN! From inside and out, we make sure every little nook and cranny in your car shines and feels new.

We offer the best reliable, quick, affordable, and trusted car wash service, because let’s be honest, who has time to pull out the old bucket to clean the car with messy suds, or to break your back cleaning who knows what off the back seat! Just let Foster City Pro take care of it all.

No matter where you live or what car you drive, the same dirt, dust, and water take a toll on your car’s paint, rubber seals, interior, and suspension. At Foster City Pro Wash, we guarantee you’ll have quality service at the highest level of convenience; that is why we are equipped with the most advanced car wash equipment and use only the best soaps and wax available.


Visit Foster City Pro Wash and make your car look brand new again!

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